Secret Bridges, LLC
Spiritual Enrichment &
Healing Arts Center
offices of:
Leslie Dutton, Medium

""...A Whole New Experience"
" ...Nothing like it in the Greater Portland Area"
"...It feels like home"
"...I think I just walked into Heaven!"
"...truly a heart centered place"
"...this is an oasis for the soul"
"...an inspiration"
..."it's just feels good in here"
..."great energy"
"..these people are the real deal"
"... charming"
..."I really like coming here"
..."This is like "Cheers" for Spiritual People"
..."I wish I would have know about this place sooner"
..."I have met some of my best friends at
Magick Bridges"
..."what GREAT energy this space has"
...."it's so peaceful here"
..."I believe again!"
Leslie Dutton, Psychic Medium, RM, IET
Psychic Medium Readings and Energy Sessions
Private Group Readings with Leslie
are available by appointment
call Leslie for details and pricing.  Thank you.
Personal Mission Statement:
Demystify the practice of intuitive and mediumship abilities through education. Inspire others to access their own psychic skills in an effort to grow spiritually and self heal. Provide comfort to grieving people by helping them understand life’s  transitional process.

Learning Opportunities
Group Meditations
Group Readings

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